• Sarah AlRehaimi

5 Ways I Stay Productive During the Week

Things happen. Plans change. It's normal. In fact we should expect that things won't always go as planned. But we have to try at least, right? Here are a few things that I do that help me be productive even with all the changes. 

1. I Get organized.

I've used a FiloFax ever since middle school. Being able to see the week and month ahead on a flat page is very important to me. Every Saturday evening (our week begins on a Sunday), I think of 1 or 2 goals I want to accomplish and think about the mini tasks and steps I need to take to accomplish them. I schedule those tasks into my week. I even go as far as writing down reminders of who I need to call or email and for what reason.  This helps me a lot because I live 2 separate lives: the entrepreneur life and the mom life, and to keep everything from falling apart, I need to stay organized.

2. I don't over schedule.

I make it a point to keep some 'white space' in my schedule. This helps me not feel overwhelmed or stressed out. It also gives me a buffer to complete unfinished tasks if I underestimate how much time it will take me to finish something.

3. I Listen to audio books, podcasts or Masterclass when I'm driving.

Ever since I started driving I’ve come to realize how much of a waste of time it is. When I had a driver, I would use commute time to reply to emails or prepare social media posts. That is no longer an option. So instead I use the time while I'm behind the wheel to listen and learn. Now driving doesn't feel like a (complete) waste of time anymore. It's time for self improvement. 

4. I time my tasks.

I use a timer all the time (not the one on my phone). I've even taught my kids to use one. I give a task or an activity a limited number of minutes to work on, so I'm racing with the clock to finish it.  It usually takes me a long time to get focused, but knowing the timer will go off has helped me get focused quickly and become more productive.

5. I Take long breaks from your phone.

I put my phone on silent and flip it over.  Nothing distracts me more than the ping or flash of a new message. I will work for an hour and then check my messages. If there is nothing important, I won't even reply. I put my head down and get back to work. I reply to my messages and phone calls when it's convenient for me, and I'll usually do that when I'm doing something like waiting in line at the grocery store or watching tv.  I've also started sending a lot more voice messages. It is so much faster.

There you have it. My 5 best tricks to stay productive. Do you have a tip that has changed your productivity level? I'd love to hear it.

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